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For a list of full and relavant qualifications in your area for Playwork career visit:

If you are thinking you may like to work in other childcare careers after Playwork, it is worth considering studying for a broader qualification that will enable you to remain flexible, Please see the additional information below:

Level 2

From 1 September 2014, all level 2 early education and childcare qualifications that have been approved by Ofqual and are listed on the Register of Regulated Qualifications will also be considered full and relevant for the purposes of regulation and registration as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.

Practitioners who hold qualifications that are either on the Early Years Qualifications List or the Register of Regulated Qualifications can be counted in the level 2 ratios. If you hold a level 3 early years educator qualification but do not have a GCSE in English and maths at Grade C or above, you can be counted within the level 2 ratios.

If you hold a level 3 early years educator qualification and wish to be counted within the level 3 ratios you will need to hold GCSEs in English and maths at Grade C or above.

Level 3

Practitioners, who start a qualification from 1 September 2014 must hold a qualification that meets the early years educator criteria to be considered full and relevant and to be counted in the level 3 ratios. The linked PDF file provides a list of those qualifications that so far have met early years educator criteria. Download the PDF file.

To count in the ratios at level 3, staff holding an early years educator qualification must also have at least functional skills at Level 2, for English and Maths and are no longer required to have GCSE grade 3 or above.


Working in Playwork, Out of School or Holiday Clubs


Playworkers are employed to work within breakfast and after-school clubs, homework clubs, holiday play schemes, open access schemes and adventure playgrounds all over the UK, set up usually to cater for and support children aged 4 years and above to use outside of normal school hours. They employ men and women of all ages.

You would be working as part of a team setting up spaces where children can get involved in creative, active and interesting activities. You could be doing anything from joining in with their games, providing healthy breakfast options, supporting with homework and maintaining safe places to play.


You can work as a Playworker in a range of settings:


  • Out-of-school care, usually for children aged 4 years and above (breakfast and after school clubs)

  • Homework support, holiday play schemes and adventure playgrounds

  • Within facilities that require you to take children or collect them from local Schools.

  • Venues within the local communities offering safe places for children to meet their friends, socialise and learn through play

Your rate of pay will depend on your experience, level of qualification, responsibility and location

For more information contact the Family Information Service (FIS) on 0121 569 4960 or visit

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